2017-12-13 / Letters

Uncoordinated traffic lights deter shopping

As we enter deeper into the Christmas shopping season, we hear the message of “Shop Local.” To our local businesses, please contact the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to make shopping local enjoyable. Is it any wonder that so many shop online when the traffic lights in Chesterfield County are very poorly coordinated, if at all, making short distances seemingly take forever? Why would we want to often spend so much time just getting there and back on the weekends? There is no reason that traffic lights cannot be more coordinated with each other, especially on major roads like Hull Street Road and Iron Bridge Road. So blame the online retailers if you will, but the fact that it is difficult to get around Chesterfield County just makes such an option almost irresistible. So, local merchants, please petition VDOT to fix our broken, almost nonexistent traffic management system to enhance your bottom line.

J. Trent Corbett

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