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Police honor officers, citizens at ceremony


Joel Penate-Menjivar 
JAMES HASKINS Joel Penate-Menjivar JAMES HASKINS Joel Penate-Menjivar couldn’t stop smiling as he was honored last Thursday by the Chesterfield County Police Department during its annual awards and recognition ceremony.

As soon as master of ceremonies Sarah Bloom of NBC 12 called the 47-year-old’s name to come on stage at the DoubleTree Hotel in Midlothian to receive his community appreciation award, he was beaming.

And when Bloom described how Penate-Menjivar kept a suspect in a headlock during an attempted burglary at his Meadowdale home on May 13, even the most seasoned cops in the audience couldn’t help but chuckle and grin.

Following the ceremony, Penate-Menjivar, a native of El Salvador, said he arrived home at about 3 p.m. on May 13 and when he tried to unlock the front door, someone inside the house pushed the door back.

“I tried to open three times and the third time I push hard,” he said, adding that he was successful on the third attempt.

Penate-Menjivar said at first he thought one of his sons was playing a joke on him, but soon realized that a burglar was trying to make off with expensive shoes and cellphones.

The burglar pulled a gun on him, but Penate-Menjivar said when he realized the weapon was a BB gun, he took a risk and began grappling with the burglar from one room to another. Penate-Menjivar said he managed to get the burglar in a headlock for three to five minutes and as he began to tire from holding his grip, he dragged the burglar out the front door and had one of his sons call the police.

“When I go out, the police came,” Penate-Menjivar said.

Cpl. George Fisher, who is in his 40th year with the department, was the first officer to arrive on scene.

“Joel had the young man in a headlock and he wasn’t letting loose of him. He was holding on for dear life,” Fisher said. “The young man that we ended up arresting was a one-man crime wave that had been in the Meadowdale area .... When Joel did what he did, we were able to put him in custody.”

The way the arrest played out was very satisfying, Fisher said

“The night before this one, officers got into a foot chase with [the burglar] over in the Meadowburn area, lost him, knew who he was, [but] we just couldn’t find him,” Fisher said. “Joel catches him, he’s still wearing the same clothes from the night before. It had rained all night long. He was soaked, had never gone home because he couldn’t go home. I got the call that they had a burglary in progress and that they were fighting or trying to restrain a suspect and when I get there, he’s restrained all right. He’s in a headlock.”

Interim Chief of Police Daniel W. Kelly said in addition to CPD employees, it’s important to recognize folks like Penate-Menjivar as well.

“We would not want to overlook all the hard work that goes into keeping our community safe,” Kelly said. “[We’re] not just recognizing our employees for what they do day in and day out, but also recognizing the residents and citizens of the county for what they do and how they help us keep our community safe.”

In addition to others who received special recognition, Master Officer Joseph E. Keirson was named officer of the year and lead dispatcher Jennifer A. Porter was named emergency communications officer of the year. A full list of this year's awards and recognitions can be found below. ¦

2017 Chesterfield County Police Department Awards and Recognition

Supervisory Promotions


Shana M. Marino — Records Section Supervisor

Sandra L. Spencer — Child Safety Coordinator


Nathan A. Ballentine

Lisa A. Harper

Julian L. Hinton

Eric M. Hlava

Sean H. Michaux

Kevin L. Rollins

William H. Rosser III


Harold R. Childs Jr.

Gary P. McGregor


Steven P. Grohowski


E. Frank Carpenter Jr.


Medal of Valor & Combat Ribbon

Officer First Class Christopher L. Hodges


Life Saving Awards

Officer First Class Richard E. Harowitz Jr. and Senior Officer Matthew W. Faulkner

Officers First Class Shawn J. Wilson and April L. Loving

Lieutenant Stephen N. Fortier and Sergeant Jeremy S. Bulluck

Officer First Class Christopher L. Hodges

Sergeant James A. Kuzik

Corporal Timothy D. Morton

Officers First Class Jonathon M. Sorley and Brian J. Simmons

Lieutenant Harold R. Childs Jr., Sergeant Cleon W. Flowers, Officer First Class Alexander W. Warejko and Officers Brent M. Mikionis, Alec G. Granado, Sean D. Retter and Creighton J. Byron

Officers Nicholas T. Gugliocciello, Alexyn R. Morgan and Brandon M. Rosenthal

Senior Officer Matthew T. Boch

Emergency Communications Officer Darren E. Eppes and Mr. Jeffrey C. Brooke

Officer Jacob W. Wells


Community Recognition & Appreciation

Mr. Andre L. Harris, Mr. Matthew Marshall and Mr. Patrick Harris

Mr. Joel Penate-Menjivar

Mr. Vince L. D’Agostino

Ms. Elizabeth M. Saxon, Mr. Woody F. Belcher and Mr. Audie Brumfield

Mr. Andrew B. Gregory


Employees of the Year

65th Basic Academy Rookie of the Year ········· Officer Brandon K. Schilke

66th Basic Academy Rookie of the Year ········· Officer Clayton M. Bechtold

67th Basic Academy Rookie of the Year ········· Officer Evan T. Beck

Officer of the Year ·········· Master Officer Joseph E. Kierson

Detective of the Year ········· Corporal Thomas P. Kline

Civilian Employee of the Year ········· Multi-Family Housing Coordinator Georgia W. Smith

Emergency Communications Officer of the Year ········· Emergency Communications Officer Jennifer A. Porter

Animal Services Employee of the Year ········· Kennelmaster Blane J. Imhoff

Auxiliary Officer of the Year ·········· Auxiliary Police Sergeant Brandon P. Skeens

Volunteer of the Year ········· Mr. Andrew B. Gregory

Explorer of the Year ········· Explorer Nehemiah Harris

Mason T. Chalkley Supervisory Award for Excellence ········· Lieutenant Justin R. Aronson


Meritorious Service Awards

Corporal Blaine E. Davis

Sergeant Michael J. Lasorsa

Corporal Matthew L. Jeffries

(Retired) Lieutenant Patrick “PJ” McCann III


Unit Citations

Crimes Against Property

Child Safety

South District Community Policing


Awards sponsored by the Chesterfield County Police Foundation


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