2017-12-20 / Letters

Praise for county police officer

Let the NFL kneel on this one.

An elderly lady was traveling on Old Hundred Road when she had a flat tire. Due to a short shoulder on the road she was unable to pull off Old Hundred. A good Samaritan female stopped traffic so the elderly lady could make a U-turn to the other side of Old Hundred with a wider shoulder. The elderly lady called her son for assistance. The good Samaritan lady called the police. A few minutes later, Cpl. Gary Carpenter of the Chesterfield County Police arrived. He immediately took all items out of the trunk of the elderly lady’s car and commenced to change the flat tire. As he was finishing, the elderly lady’s son arrived and, in thanking the officer, offered him $100 cash. Cpl. Carpenter refused the offer due to the Code of Conduct. He suggested the son make a donation to the Chesterfield County Police Department. This is America at its best in assisting others in need. Praise to Cpl. Carpenter for doing his duty, as well as the unnamed good Samaritan.


eon W. Hawker

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