2017-12-20 / Loose Ends

Cabin Fever

Baby, it’s cold outside
Susan Nienow

The nip in the air and the lingering patches of snow in shady areas of the woods signal it’s time to head indoors where some of us already have cabin fever – not mentioning any names, though. I remember sending the kids outside to play on cold, sunny days to run off some energy. Where are my mittens?

It isn’t that I don’t have anything to do inside. I can always c-c-c-clean. Or bead or make Christmas ornaments. I could finish cross-stitching that rocking horse pillow cover I started for my daughter when she was about 6 years old. It is almost finished. But then I would have to find someone to make a pillow out of it.

Anyway, one of us doesn’t have as many indoor hobbies as I do. Maybe I should give him a “to-do” list, starting with the squeaky back door.

Of course, he may have a different set of priorities, like packaging and mailing the rest of the Christmas gifts. Or, something more fun than fixing squeaky doors. But just in case, I’ll work on the list.

Some afternoons when neither I nor my other half has anything important to do, one of us will try to “suggest” the other into doing something. This isn’t, “Let’s play a game of gin rummy!” but more of a singular chore like “You could empty the trash, or repot that plant that’s still sitting on the counter.”

That never works, by the way; so don’t consider it a suggestion for you. Pick your own ineffective gimmicks. The suggestion thing never worked on the kids either, and certainly doesn’t motivate my other half. His motivation comes from within – in other words, if it bugs him, he will put it on his list.

Occasionally we will watch something together, but our TV tastes are very different. I like movies – the no-blood ones with happy endings. My other half is content with car shows and some nature things. I also like the nature shows, until they get to the “survival of the fittest” parts. Then I bail. After all, I flunked getting through “Old Yeller” and “Bambi” without a box of tissues.

Yes, that means I bail on the assassination of baby impalas or desert ants by hungry predators.

You would think with cold weather here we would be planning on painting our bedroom and the back hall – both on our lists for several years now. We even know what colors we want. It is just so easy to put off. After all, if we do our bedroom, we have to do our closet. That means emptying it out and putting the clothes where we can find them. Maybe in February.

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