2018-01-03 / Letters

Police chief search process a ‘travesty’

I could not agree more with the salient points made in “Chief Concerns,” Dec. 13. The concerns expressed relating to the search and hire process are extremely disconcerting.

My main concern is the lack of attention given to the input provided by retired Police Chief Thierry Dupuis, a man who was a 2017 Richmond Times-Dispatch Person of the Year honoree. His input was purposefully dismissed by County Administrator Joe Casey, who, at the start of his tenure, wanted the authority to fire the police chief without cause, and a Board of Supervisors playing politics (Dorothy Jaeckle and Steve Elswick) requesting and listening to retired and probably disgruntled police officers of the past to assist in their search process.

This is totally unprofessional and a disgrace. The result is passing over the top and totally qualified internal candidates and hiring an individual who does not have the necessary experience required to run a police department five times the size of the Boynton Beach, Florida, police department.

In closing, Chesterfield has one of the finest police departments in the commonwealth thanks to Chief Dupuis and his leadership and the exceptional grooming of successors. It is a travesty, to both the outside candidate and the department, to bring in an individual without the required experience. The same can be said of certain members of the “Board” that have inadequate experience in the hiring process. With regard to the Board of Supervisors, we need fresh eyes!

Howard Roquet

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