2018-01-17 / Loose Ends

Thrill seeker

When winter wins

We don’t have a pet or any kids in the house. So why was this recent snow/cold weather event so hard for me to get through? I did feel cooped up, but no one else was going stir crazy but me. Of course, I didn’t go out much because my fear of falling on the ice was much stronger than my urge to get out of the house.

So I stayed in and read, did my exercises, emailed everyone I knew and watched the birds ravage the bird feeders. Sound exciting? I also made great strides in recovering from my hip replacement. That was exciting. Several times I went to the store with my other half – I usually waited in the car, but was glad for the change of scenery.

It would have been a perfect time to clean out a closet or two, finish off the magazines that lie in wait for rainy days, and sort things in my craft closet, but I waited for inspiration. It never came and the closet looks fine with the door shut.

I still have Christmas cards to get out, except now they may be Valentine cards. I should just write the newsy letter detailing every road trip since the last letter went out two years ago. In the meantime I am trying to think of an adventure we might have had to put in the letter since we didn’t have any more grandchildren, there were no weddings in the family and no one bought a hot-air balloon and took lessons.

After all, multiple road trips are hardly even interesting. They border on boring for the most part and that’s a good thing for a road trip – no accidents, no bad weather, no major delays. That is probably why I haven’t written that letter. No material.

Many days during the weather event I was reduced to reading the recipes in Southern Living. That’s not a bad pastime, but I don’t cook. I also found myself answering my other half by saying, “Copy that,” which should give you a hint about what kind of TV shows I watch.

Spring can’t come too soon for me. Most winters aren’t that bad and have plenty of breaks with sunny, warmer weather. This last cold spell combined with having to stay home anyway was it for me. Enough winter.

During this indoor time my other half has been prepping two rooms for painting: our bedroom and the guestroom. Once that is done, I am going to look for new window treatments for our bedroom.

Shopping for window treatments is like shopping for cars for me. There are far too many decisions. Do I want shades or drapes? What color? Any texture? How about shades and drapes?

I have to quit now and get back to defuzzing my sweaters.

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