2018-01-24 / Loose Ends

Glitter glut

Unpacking the attic

It’s just glitter, but I thought I was done with it. After all, the holidays are just faded memories. But I promised my other half I would go through all of our holiday decorations and weed out the things we won’t be using anymore.

That doesn’t sound like much, but I have been collecting Christmas ornaments and decorations since we got married – that’s more than several decades. And we store them all in our small attic. I wanted a small attic so we wouldn’t collect so many things.

There isn’t much room for anything except those decorations and the many pieces of luggage we have collected over the years. Some of the pieces could be considered antiques by now. I’m not sure they would survive a trip. So in order to gain some control over our house, I am going through all the decorations one plastic crate at a time.

One box in a crate had colorful glass balls of all sizes. Each set was bought with a specific craft in mind. The pearlescent ones were for a feather tree that I never found. The copper, silver and gold metallic ones were to go around a candle set in a glass hurricane that I never bought. The little multicolored ones were for a three-foot tree that is also in the attic. I just never used them.

So those things go to someone who will use them. Another box had bells of all sizes. An assortment of bells that don’t go with the others tells me I just collected them as gift ornaments.

I am keeping the bells and will find them their own box. Someday I might need them.

One box had seven pieces of ribbon, all different lengths and kinds of Christmas ribbon. I thought I might use them someday, but not if they are stored in the attic with the decorations and nowhere near the wrapping paper. They need ironing and don’t look nearly as pretty as I once thought. Out they go.

At one point I collected Santas and have quite a diverse group. None are collectors’ items or particularly old. Actually it is no surprise that after several decades of being taken out, displayed for a month or so and then repacked, none of them look new. “Shabby” might apply to several of them. Why is it I can’t get rid of any of them?

I also have elves and reindeer, though not as many. Toward the end of my collecting days I started on snowmen. I am keeping everything for now. For all I know, my kids could suddenly decide they wanted some of the “stuff” from their childhood.

Probably close to several miles of really fake looking roping is strung up in the attic. I don’t even know how to get rid of that. Anyone an expert on uncollecting? And how do I get rid of glitter?

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