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Siblings guilty of prostitution charges


The operators of a house of prostitution are serving jail sentences after pleading guilty in Circuit Court earlier this month.Sergio Luna AlvaradoSergio Luna Alvarado

Alicia Luna Alvarado, 28, and her brother, Sergio Luna Alvarado, 26, entered plea agreements on Jan. 11. They each pleaded guilty to one felony count of receiving money from prostitution and one misdemeanor count of residing in a bawdy house, located in the 6100 block of Walderbrook Road, less than a mile from J.A. Chalkley Elementary School.

Both were sentenced to 10 years in prison, with all but seven months suspended on the felony and 12 months in jail on the misdemeanor. In exchange for their guilty pleas, other charges associated with prostitution were dropped.

Alicia Luna AlvaradoAlicia Luna AlvaradoCourt records indicate that neither of the Luna Alvarados were employed and that they had lived in the community for a year. Neither has a criminal record.

The Luna Alvarados were arrested on June 8 after being interviewed by detective Taylor R. Ramsey.

In a transcript of the interviews on file in Circuit Court, Ramsey stated, “Alicia admitted that she used to be a prostitute over one year ago. She advised that she was forced into prostitution in Mexico by her baby’s father. She stated that she has two children in Mexico by different fathers whom she does not have contact with.”

According to the interview transcript, Alicia said prostitutes would come to the house, stay about a week and leave. “Alicia stated that they charge customers $30 for 15 minutes,” Ramsey said in the transcript.Police say this house in the 6100 block of Walderbrook Road was used for prostitution. Photo by Ben OrcuttPolice say this house in the 6100 block of Walderbrook Road was used for prostitution. Photo by Ben Orcutt

Ramsey went on to say that Alicia Luna Alvarado said a man in El Salvador was in charge of the prostitution operation and she sent him a portion of the money the prostitutes collected from their clients.

“Alicia stated that even though [the man] is gone she is still afraid of him,” Ramsey added. “She stated that he has ‘people’ and is affiliated with gangs.”

Ramsey said Sergio Luna Alvarado told him that the man in El Salvador “coordinates the females that come to the residence and they will get a new girl every week.”

Ramsey added that Sergio Luna Alvarado also told him that “no juveniles have ever been prostituted in the residence.” ¦

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