2018-01-31 / Loose Ends

Survey says

Answer me this
Susan Nienow

I should have gone into the survey business. I would have plenty of work. I go to the doctor – they want to know how my visit was, how long I had to wait and if all my questions were answered. Not once have they asked me if I think the chairs in the waiting room should be reupholstered.

And about that half-dead plant – replace it or take it to the emergency plant clinic. How about loveable service dogs in the waiting room to comfort those of us who are not really happy to hear our lab reports? Or just some good magazines? There really aren’t any questions about those critical issues.

The shoe store wants to know how I felt about their shoes and their service. Well, I didn’t buy any shoes, though I did try on a few pairs. You didn’t have the shoes I liked in my size, but that is the case every time I come in here. I know it’s hard to track feedback when I don’t buy anything, so I did volunteer to answer a few questions.

My dentist wants to know how my visit went. It was easier for me than for them, but there wasn’t a place on the survey to mention that.

The pharmacy wants to know how they stack up. Just fine as long as they always have a great supply of chocolate for every occasion. There isn’t a question about that. Usually I am sick and want to get my prescription and go home to bed. I don’t notice anything.

I ordered a book online from “you know who” and they wanted to know how my buying experience was. How much can I say about a few clicks?

I do want to know what happens to my survey. Does anyone read it? Do they really care that I can’t buy shoes in their store even if I want to?

After my recent 26-hour hospital stay, I received a phone call asking me to answer a survey. I mistakenly said yes. The survey was longer than my stay. It asked how the head nurse was. Who? I was coming out of anesthesia, under the influence of painkillers and really unaware of my surroundings.

Did I like the meals? The only thing I remember about food was the green Jell-O, which I happen to like. I don’t remember any other meals. Did the nurse explain the way to control pain? Probably. Did I get answers to all my questions? What questions? I tried to tell the lady doing the survey that most of my answers fell under N/A – not applicable, but she said there wasn’t an answer like that.

Now the anesthesiologist wants to know how I feel about her. I don’t really know – she said the shot would make me relax, and after that, everything got fuzzy. I did wake up after the surgery was over and not during. That’s important.

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