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County seeks feedback for Cogbill Park


If 5-year-old Genelle May gets her wish, Cogbill Park off Iron Bridge Road will include a splash pad where kids like her can frolic in spraying water in the summer months.

Genelle and her 1-year-year-old brother, George, attended a recent meeting at Swim RVA for community input on the Cogbill Park master plan with their parents, Dean and Natasha May.

“We were looking for moderate activities, family-oriented, restricted to our community type of access,” Dean May said. “We want walking trails, biking trails, things you could come out in the evening or in the morning, go for a run. Maybe a small playground just for children, but nothing overdone – no big development.”

In addition to planning and engineering consultants, a number of county officials were in attendance at the public meeting on Jan. 31 to get community feedback for the development of the 200-acre tract on Cogbill Road, about a mile from state Route 10.

“Should the Board of Supervisors approve the capital improvement plan, there are funds for Cogbill Park, about $150,000, to start the process of opening up the undeveloped land, such as adding some trails, have some gravel parking in order to get that development open,” said James Worsley, director of Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation. “This is the first meeting we’ve had regarding this particular property. We’re very pleased with the turnout,” Worsley said after the meeting. “I know we have well over 60 people here tonight and I’m very pleased with our partners that have come out to lead us through this process.”

Adrian Wilson and her husband, Maurice, also attended the meeting.

“Some of the things that I would like to see primarily would be walking trails, possibly paved, somewhere to walk besides your neighborhood in a safe environment [where] you don’t have to worry about vehicles and things like that,” Adrian Wilson said. “Also I think I would like to see some picnic area.”

Chris Crews has lived in Chesterfield for about 10 years and he’s excited about possible plans for Cogbill Park.

“I think adding to Chesterfield’s green space is an awesome idea,” he said. “When you look at the whole plan, not just Cogbill Park [but] the surrounding parks, the fact that they want to try and put in these bikeways, these greenways, to connect them all together, it kind of shows that Chesterfield, they want to have development, they want to have growth, but they want to preserve these green spaces.”

Like several other area residents who attended the meeting, Crews’ primary concern is how the park’s development will affect traffic.

Frederick Stanley, who lives about 75 yards from the park, shared that concern.

“The neighborhood is nice and quiet,” said Stanley, adding that the park sounds like a good idea “but I don’t want it [park entrances, traffic] to come through my subdivision.”

Dale District Supervisor Jim Holland, whose district includes the planned park, spoke with Stanley and told him that he will pass his concerns on to county staff.

“It’s always exciting when you’re talking about a park,” Holland said following his conversation with Stanley. “That’s a part of quality of life. Chesterfield is very big on the quality of life as a wonderful place to live, work and play. Look at the turnout tonight – it’s phenomenal and that’s significant. I’m pleased with the turnout because I want citizens to start talking about what their needs are, what their expectations are for that neighborhood.” ¦

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