2018-02-21 / Letters

Involve youth in police program

I recently read the article “Community members can partner with police” regarding the Chesterfield County Police Department Community Academy. I like this article for many reasons. One reason that I like this article is how it says that anyone can help keep your community safe, whether you’re a police officer or just live in the community. This article helps people gain awareness of what is going on in their community.

My suggestion would be to expand the program to include youth. It would allow police officers to reach a much larger audience. It would be not only good for the community, but good for families because they could attend together. Another reason for opening a youth program is it could involve the schools. The program could count for extra credit.

I have a few benefits of adding a youth program that I would like to share. The kids that participate in the program would grow up to be better people. They could want to have a career in law enforcement. The reason they would want to go into a career with law enforcement is because they had an early experience. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Mary Marcum

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