2018-02-21 / Letters

Supervisors need to open comment policy

I believe we are all familiar with that uniquely American tale where the cold political machine is about to enact some misguided policy, but, at the last minute, the lowly underdog stands before the body, speaks eloquent words that touch the cold hearts of politicians who had thought all such idealism was gone from this world. The evil policy fails to pass, and the day is saved!

What could be more American?

Not in Chesterfield, though.

The Chesterfield Board of Supervisors has a comment policy that prohibits public comment on any topic on the agenda for that session!

This policy is contrary to the spirit of free speech, representative government and service to the people.

The policy also favors established machines rather than active citizens. A citizen does not have the resources to proactively track a year’s agenda and plan when and where to speak to issues to avoid crossing this policy. A machine does. A citizen speaks when the cause is immediate and dire! A machine speaks to a self-serving agenda.

The Board of Supervisors needs to open its comment policy or risk being seen as a tool for special interests, not Chesterfield residents.

Michael Karabinos

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