2018-02-21 / Loose Ends

Gray hairs

And other collections

The other day I was skimming a newspaper and saw a headline announcing that entrepreneurs aren’t all young people – many are older, over 35! I had to laugh. I had mentally finished that headline with a higher number, like 50 or 60. That is just one occasion lately where I have felt out of step.

We have been threatened. My other half and I have received promises from the kids that if we don’t clean out some of our stuff, they will throw it away when that time comes. Ouch. The word hoarder was mentioned. Have I mentioned our kids are minimalists?

They don’t collect. I know. What’s wrong with them? I have collections of collections. There are rabbits, big vases and tiny vases, craft supplies like pattern books for cross stitch, thread or string or whatever it was called for cross stitch, craft paints and many, many sponge brushes. I could go on and on.

In the attic, I am sorting through crate after crate of Christmas decorations that are covered in glitter. I will be vacuuming glitter until my hair turns gray. What? OK. My other half reminded me of something here. Let’s just say until my vacuum cleaner expires.

When I am finished getting rid of the not-so-trendy decorations, I will offer the kids their choice of tree ornaments and a few other timeless items.

Maybe I will just send them each a selection, along with a heavy dose of family “heirlooms” – guilt and a few rabbits. After all, when they are my age I won’t be around to remind them of the “hoarder” remark.

Last week as I was checking out at the drugstore, I spotted a magazine I used to subscribe to. I noticed the articles teased on the cover weren’t of any interest to me. What to pack in children’s lunches, easy-to-make costumes for Halloween and how to make character birthday cakes. Not a thing on how to dress my age, act my age and not look my age.

There have been times this winter when I have been tempted to start an umbrella collection. I bought two just this past week. I need two in the car, one in the other car and one in my suitcase. At last count I average one lost umbrella every six months. Either I leave it someplace or someone else picks it up where I left it to drip. Are there clip-on GPSs for umbrellas?

I have umbrellas, scarves and raincoats with hoods. My daughter has only one umbrella and hardly ever uses it. It’s always in the wrong place, or maybe she thinks she’s too young to bother with it.

I can just see my other half’s face when I ask him, “Does this umbrella make me look old?”

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