2018-02-21 / News

Police arrest man for unlicensed dentistry


DeJesus DeJesus A North Chesterfield man faces a lengthy prison sentence if convicted on charges of practicing dentistry without a license.

Edickson “Eddie” DeJesus, 39, of the 6600 block of Parliament Road, is free on $25,000 bond after being charged with five felonies, and one misdemeanor, for wounding and performing invasive procedures last year without a license to practice dentistry.

DeJesus appeared in General District Court last week with Richmond defense attorney Keith Marcus to set a preliminary hearing date.

Judge Thomas L. Vaughn set the hearing date for May 1 at 8:30 a.m. In the meantime, Vaughn agreed to allow DeJesus to travel to New York to visit his teenage daughter without objection from Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Jeff L. Einhaus.

If convicted on all of the charges, DeJesus faces a maximum punishment of 25 years in prison and 12 months in jail. Court records indicate that DeJesus does not have a criminal record and that he has lived at his current Chesterfield address for about eight months.

DeJesus is a high school graduate, and construction is listed as his occupation with weekly earnings of $600. Court records indicate that DeJesus’ family ties include his wife, in-laws, sisters and cousins.

DeJesus was assisted by a Spanish interpreter during last week’s hearing. Bond conditions stipulate that he surrender his passport and that he be placed on a GPS monitoring system.

DeJesus was arrested on Dec. 20 and the results of a search warrant executed at his Parliament Road residence remain sealed. However, Einhaus said following last week’s hearing that authorities did recover instruments associated with dentistry. ¦

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