2018-02-28 / Letters

Megasite a raw deal for Chester

The county has caused so much anxiety by its handling of plans for an industrial megasite in Chester. I’ve been told the proposed East-West Freeway will terminate at Branders Bridge Road, yet the county’s map shows it extending far into western Matoaca. Hardly any mention of the North-South Connector from state Route 288 to Iron Bridge Road and no discussion at all about what that will destroy.

It angers me that our elected officials are held captive by an appointed Economic Development Authority, and we have no voice in how our tax dollars are spent. The county needs to tell the entire story instead of evading the citizens’ questions.

William Lloyd Jr.

I am disappointed in the direction Chesterfield County is taking in ignoring its established plans and instead pushing for heavy manufacturing in its megasite proposal, next to established residential communities in the southern sector of Chesterfield. And at the same time, the county has continued to approve new development of higher-end homes, which are next to the proposed heavy industry, rail and plans for the East-West Freeway.

Apparently, Chesterfield is only a first choice community if you live in the Midlothian area.

Janet Kosiek

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