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WWE wrestlers set to rumble at Thomas Dale


When fundraising, half the battle is getting people’s attention. That won’t be a problem for Thomas Dale High School Athletics, which will attempt to raise money by hosting one of the flashier forms of entertainment there is.

Big Time Wrestling is coming to Thomas Dale.

We’re talking about the likes of “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash, “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner and the Rock ’N’ Roll Express – musclebound men who made such names for themselves by wrestling for WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, formerly World Wrestling Federation) and WCW (World Championship Wrestling), among others.

Theirs is a world of showmanship and drama, where persona and faux rivalry take the stage under the guise of combat. And on the evening of March 3, Big Time Wrestling will bring a slice of that world to the Thomas Dale gym in Chester to benefit the Knights’ athletic programs.

“Thomas Dale athletics is trying to raise money to support travel costs for our athletic teams in our new region,” Knights’ athletic director Steve Davies said in an email. “In talking with Prince George High School, they experienced great success for their programs with Big Time Wrestling’s show. With fundraising, you are always looking for something unique and profitable.” Big Time Wrestling knows this. It’s how the company, which describes itself as combining “old school wrestling with modern day sports entertainment,” has helped organizations around the country, from police and fire departments to Boys & Girls Clubs, raise thousands of dollars through hosting performances by big-name wrestlers.

Thomas Dale was given 140 tickets to sell, Davies said, adding that tickets can also be purchased at the Chester YMCA, Firehouse Subs on Hull Street Road, Jerry’s Burger Spot in Prince George and on Big Time Wrestling’s website. Ticket prices range from $15 for bleacher seats to $20 for rows 4-6 and $30 for rows 2-3. In exchange for providing the venue and helping with ticket sales, Thomas Dale receives 100 percent of program and concessions sales.

“With being so close to the Richmond Coliseum, home of Mid Atlantic Wrestling on Friday nights during the 1970s and 1980s, people are reliving glory years with Ricky Steamboat and Rock ’N’ Roll Express,” Davies said. “Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner represent the Attitude Era in the WWE. Being a fan for so long, it is exciting to bring professional wrestling to Thomas Dale High School.”

David Emory, a teacher at Prince George High School who coached the Royals’ varsity wrestling team for 20 years, is assisting with promotion of the Big Time Wrestling event at Thomas Dale.

The goal is to help Thomas Dale raise $2,000 or more, Emory said in an email. In addition to bleacher seats, there are 450 seats on the floor, Emory said, adding that a total of 300 seats have been sold thus far.

“I have been involved with five Big Time Wrestling shows,” Emory said. “We have had three events at Prince George High School, one at Powhatan High School and one at Brunswick High School. All the events have been successful for the school group hosting the event as a fundraiser.

“We have brought in wrestling legends and Hall of Famers like Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Mick Foley, Ron Simmons, Vader, Matt Hardy, Billy Gun, Sabu and more.”

Emory said he’s eager to see families from the Chester community come out to support the event.

He says he also looks forward to “seeing the excitement from the fans when they get to meet the wrestlers that they have grown up watching and look up to.” ¦

Big Time Wrestling will be at the Thomas Dale High School gym on March 3. Meet and greet from 5 to 7 p.m., bell time at 7 p.m. More info and tickets available at

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