2018-06-13 / Loose Ends

Alma mature

Of sophomores and seniors
Loose Ends by SUSAN NIENOW

I am on the alumni email list of the university I attended, and so qualify to receive notices from the chapter in D.C. It is probably the closest one to Chesterfield County. Someone in a geographic and anthropologic bubble keeps sending me invitations to beer blasts, TGI Friday’s beer tastings and other such celebrations.

Obviously they don’t know that the only time it is a two-hour trip to D.C. from here is the third Thursday of February during the hours of 2-5 a.m. Other times that drive up I-95 can take up to seven hours one way. It’s hardly an enjoyable trip even when traffic is moving and certainly not one I am going to make to attend a beer tasting.

It is not that I have anything against beer – just traveling to drink one. I actually would like to go to one of these events. It would be an anthropological experience, since these beer blasters are younger than my kids, and I would love to see what their reaction would be when we ask for the senior discount.

I could talk about 3.2 beer or the phones at the end of each dorm hall where I would have to go through the village operator to make a long distance call all those decades ago. Of course, I would mention Tuffy’s famous toasted rolls. I wasn’t crazy about them, but everyone made such a fuss about them that I joined in occasionally.

Today the beer is craft beer, and Tuffy’s is no longer there. I’m sure it has been replaced by coffee shops offering organic everything. The telephone operator has been replaced by Siri and other robotic devices.

I get one of those invitations by email about once a month and it sends my mind traveling back in time, only to snap back to the present when my phone beeps to indicate a text or email. While such invitations remind me of the good times, they are also age markers, pointing out the passing of time.

I talk about some experiences in my life like they happened last year instead of decades ago. I forget that time is galloping along now. The older I get the faster it goes.

Some reminders of my age are painful. Literally. Three days of gardening in a row and I want to sign up for a massage and a day at the spa. But that would be giving in and someone might tell me to take it easy on the gardening.

At least my hobby is gardening and not ski jumping or skateboarding. I don’t have far to fall. Bugs are a problem, and hand cramps. The cramping is only a problem at the beginning of gardening season – before I get in shape. They don’t have gardening machines at the gym.

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