Sunday, June 26, 2022

About the Chesterfield Observer

Since 1995, the Observer has served the residents and stakeholders of Chesterfield County, covering the news that’s important to them. With over 70,000 copies distributed each week, we’re the largest weekly newspaper in Central Virginia and Chesterfield’s only county-wide devoted news source.

Here at the Observer, we are committed to timely, accurate, truthful and unbiased coverage of the community, local government and schools. We believe deeply in the value of watchdog journalism and its role in keeping leaders honest, citizens aware and engaged, and communities vibrant and connected.

The Observer works hard to build and maintain a bond of trust with our readers by adhering to strict journalistic values: fairness, accuracy, transparency, ethical conduct and attention to detail. Those same standards apply to our business relationships – advertising clients, company contractors and the institutions and people we cover.

With the help of local, relevant advertising, we will continue to be a trusted voice for the community, both in print and online. We’ll also continue to be a powerful bridge in the local economy, while giving back to the community and maintaining a respectful, dynamic work culture.