Sunday, June 26, 2022

On Mt. Gilead church farm, volunteers grow thousands of pounds of food for people in need

William “Captain” Dugger walks among the tomato plants at Mt. Gilead’s 10-acre farm on Hull Street Road. The church donates the farm’s bounty to local food banks. ASH DANIEL

Three years ago, William “Captain” Dugger was farming the half-acre plot of his childhood home in Emporia when a man pulled off the road and offered him $3,000. He wanted to buy all of Dugger’s produce to sell in his grocery store.

Though flattered, Dugger declined. He only grows food to give it away.

Today, that philosophy has reached new heights in the form of a 10-acre farm off of Hull Street Road in Chesterfield. Each week, Dugger and a crew of volunteers fro...

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