Jets, old malls, budgets

Jets, old malls, budgets Dear Editor, As the Board of Supervisors prepares to discuss the 2007 Budget, watch what they do, not what they say. There will be those proclaiming to be fiscal conservatives and "watchdogs" of the public treasury. If the past is any indication of future actions, however, we have every right to be very concerned. In just […]

Neighborhood watch program updated

Police have been updating their neighborhood watch database. A letter went out this month from the crime prevention office to coordinators saying if they had not heard back by March 3, “we can only assume that your neighborhood watch is inactive.” Besides having up-to-date records, the crime prevention specialists say they want to link their network of volunteers via email. […]

Hummer driver charged with DUI after crash

Alcohol may have been a factor in the single-vehicle crash of the 2005 Hummer SUV that occurred in the 100 block of East Hundred Road at about 2 a.m. on Feb. 23. Police say the SUV struck two trees in the median and overturned before coming to rest in the westbound lanes. The driver was ejected during the crash. He […]

Loose Ends

Handling hand-me-ups

  "It still works," I snapped. That was in response to my son’s remark that our stereo was an antique. Not only that, it used to be his. Obviously we have a generation gap. My other half and I use other half and I use things that still work. And we don’t mind being a decade or two behind in […]

Apologies to Letterman

Dear Editor, Lane Ramsey’s Top Ten10. The board of stupid-visors needs me.9. I really flew back to check on my Ford Mustang collection.8. Can this jet land on First Tee?7. Let them eat cake.6. And you thought our flying to Russia in 1997 was a colossal waste of money.5. How could I top wasting $250,000 on a public toilet?4. We […]

Weary of Watkins

  Dear Editor, I just finished reading the article by Greg Pearson on the Watkins Centre development, and all I can say is "what a pathetic display of arrogance" on the part of Kathy Watkins at the citizen’s meeting. Does she really expect the general Chesterfield public to believe that she and the rest of the Watkins family are going […]

Reason to carry a gun

Reason to carry a gun Dear Editor, It is hypocritical and elitist for Chesterfield Police Chief Carl Baker, who presumably carries a gun for his own self-defense, to suggest "it is absolutely not necessary" for most others to avail themselves of the same effective means to protect life ("Aiming to Arm All," Feb. 16). And as a certified firearms instructor, […]

Courtside being pushed aside by retail

Zoning of tennis and fitness center property still being contested

The plan is to put a CVS drugstore on the site of the popular gym and indoor tennis facility near Brandermill. "Courtside filled a special niche. We all kind of grew up together," said Jennifer McElhinney. "There’s not going to be another place like it." Many long-standing members of the 26- year-old fitness center on Genito Road say they feel […]

2006-03-01 E-Edition

James River JV girls second to none

Junior Varsity Basketball Coach Courtney Hughes’ first year as a coach was something of a dream. It started with the first game. Her 10 ninth and tenth graders at James River High School pummeled their first opponent 75-12. To prove it was no fluke, the Lady Rapids whacked their next contender 57-12. Another victim went down on a 78-19 count. […]